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NuZoo Robotics, to support succesfully it's own research has always availed itself of the economic and financial incentives offered from the Lombardy Region, CCIAA of Milan or the European community. During these years we have been able to use all “de Minimis” available in an adequate way always, and this has allowed us to support the development of our company and of our projects (De Minimis – Fund available from Lombardy Region). Here below there is the list of the calls won, an important contribution to the technological evolution and research made internally:


Finlombarda 2017 - Bando Smart Fashion+
INVITALIA 2016 - Bando Brevetti+
Finlombarda 2015 - Bando Open Innovation
Camera di Commercio Milano 2014 - Bando RICERCA e INNOVAZIONE - B
Uk Italy 2013 - Innovation in Daylife Robotics Awards
Finlombarda 2013 - Bando FRIM
Camera di Commercio Milano 2013 - Bando NUOVE IMPRESE INNOVATIVE
Finlombarda 2012 - Bando ERGON 
Camera di Commercio Milano 2011 - Bando FARIMPRESA
Camera di Commercio Milano 2009 - Bando nuove imprese
Finlombarda 2008 - Bando Imprese Innovative e Competitive

logo open innovation regione lombardia bandi

Thanks for the valuable contribution provided by:


 Regione Lombardia                          Finlombarda                     camera commercio milano

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