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NuZoo Robotics is part of the Italian Innovative PMI list. It is an engineering company able to transform clients' needs in a concrete products, integrating research and development with the best technologies and the emerging standards. The technical experience acquired during the years allows Nuzoo to answer in a flexible, rapid and accurate way at the requests of the Clients. Helping them to realize innovative products and reducing the time to market.

The creativity and the experience present inside the company has permitted us, during the years, to develop innovative ideas, transforming them in products branded NuZoo or in prototypes ready to be industrialized. To develop technically new projects, realize tests and prototypes and engineering advice, are the activities that every day the staff of NuZoo carries out for its clients.

The Experiences Gained

During the years, NuZoo robotics has been able to ensure to its clients a prototyping and planning of electronic, mechatronic, mechanic and robotic system services, offering a high innovation and technological content. More than 50 projects realized up today are giving to Nuzoo a consolidated experience and professionalism, gained in different areas, we succeeded in satisfying the requests that came from very heterogeneous sectors: telecommunications, information technologies, mechanic industry, industrial automation and robotic. .

We offer an efficient and efficacious support, useful in order to ensure a competitive time to market on every project. We develop electronic projects that, in many cases, include the development of firmware and software ad hoc. Prototyping, pre-series, spotting and finding of innovative electronic unit, industrialization of products and technical support, are a part of our daily management.



We offer the possibility  to finance until the 100% of your project. 

The direct experience gained taking part in different European and Regional calls, the knowledge of different structures responsible to find fundings and, especially, the possibilities offered by an innovative PMI like NuZoo, allows us to support our Clients in the research of the best financial way to support the development of their projects. Offering these advantages, the additional recognition of “Centro Questio” give us a strong advantage. We have been able to finance some projects of our customer up to 100% of their value.

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