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Main research areas

We are usually dedicated to research and development projects that aim to support our future vision of the technology market. Here are some examples. The founder of NuZoo Robotics, in 2006 created as well the first private Italian company capable of creating an anthropomorphic robot with up to 7 degrees of freedom of movement

In 2011 we realized an IoT system, qwhen this market was not yet so recognizable by the public while in 2012 was born the first video surveillance robot totally made in Italy.

From these projects were born specific lines of business that, separately from the initial general project, are generating particular interest and economic returns.

Indoor Localization: it is one of the technological applications that, presently, is finding a particular interest from the market. We are talking about the possibility of identifying the position of an object or a person in a space not covered by GPS signal. Our ITT solution responds perfectly to this need by offering results that, in terms of accuracy, have exceeded our own expectations.   

Service robotics designNuZoo has always been involved in the development of service robots capable of interacting with humans. Starting from anthropomorphic robots, we have moved on to those for entertainment and communication activities, and then to a robot capable of performing remote control and mobile surveillance tasks.

For the last service robot realized, produced to order and destined to the world of fairs and conventions, thanks to our skills we have been able to achieve an excellent result in a very short time and at very competitive costs. (Robotic design totally carried out in Lombardy, between Vimodrone and Milan)

NuZoo Robotics is an SME strongly focused on technological innovation. From the very beginning, in the development of its projects it has availed itself of the collaboration of Research Centres and Universities, in particular the University of the Politecnico di Milano.

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Autonomous navigation

Our latest frontier in research and development is focused in all the complexities of autonomous navigation of mobile robotic platforms in semi-structured environments. All the development phases of autonomous navigation are carried out in Vimodrone, in a large area of a logistics warehouse, where our GEKO e RARO mobile platforms are continuously placed in a duly transformed environment, so as to be "unknown" from time to time. The system is always able to map the environment independently, identifying fixed and mobile obstacles. It is able to create useful paths to achieve defined objectives or follow pre-set patrols. An autonomous navigation system realized thanks to the use of obstacle avoidance logics.

The consolidation of this objective will be the technological fusion point of all NuZoo experiences, , integrating di ITT geo-referencing, visual processing systems, GPS localization, laser scanning and, of course, robotic components.

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This activity is already in the testing phase, in close collaboration with the Robotics Department of the Politecnico di Milano. Once completed, it will represent an important step forward for all robotic solutions on the market.




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