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Main research areas

Indoor localization: one of the technological needs most requested at this period is the possibility to identify objects or people in a space not covered by GPS signal. ITT, the result of many years of research, satisfies this need, offering some results that, from the accuracy point of view, exceeded our expectations too.   

Interactive solutions for public spaces: thanks to our long experience in humanoid robotic as well as in many engineering and design activities realized, we have created some interactive solutions for exhibition centres, show windows, trade shows, and events. First example

Service robotic, anthropomorph and humanoid designNuZoo Since the beginning, NuZoo faced with the development of robots able to interact with people both for control and surveillance, entertainment and communication works.

NuZoo Robotics is an Innovative PMI(Small/medium innovative company) that, ever since, develop its projects works in collaboration with the “Politecnico of Milan” University.

ricerca sviluppo nuzoo

Autonomous Navigation

Our last border, about research and development area, refers to all the complexities concerning the autonomous navigation of mobile robotics platforms in semi-structured environments. At the end of this development phase our mobile platforms GEKO and RA.RO will be able to be located in unknown environment and, after have autonomously mapped it, identifying fixed and mobile obstacles, they will be able to create routes useful to reach defined goals or follow preset paths. The autonomously navigation is executed thanks to the use of obstacle avoidance system.

The achievement of this goal will be the point of technological fusion of all experiences of NuZoo, integrating the georeferencing of ITT, the visual elaboration systems, the GPS localization, the laser scanning and obviously the robotic parts.

This activity is already ongoing in experimental phase, in a close collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan University. Once finished, it will represent an important step forward for all the robotic solutions on the market.



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