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ITT iot localizzazione controllo malati

The addressees of this solution are nursing homes, hospitals and all health institutions that, due to the typicality of their patients or guests, want to use a service of access control and active surveillance of the same. ITT offers the possibility to track patients with Alzheimer's and/or patients with diseases that have similar disorders and to locate them both indoors and outdoors


Here below some examples of active patient surveillance and related services that can be obtained through the use of ITT Care:

  • creation of areas to allow or not allow access to different patients (access control)
  • accesses monitored by sound or light alarm for any unauthorized passage
  • time access management, for specific periods or for specific days
  • detects and reports accidental falls or illnesses, so as to allow immediate intervention by the personnel in charge (man down)
  • recognition of the position and the route taken by the patient to reach it
  • through real-time monitoring a unique TAG/patient - position link is created
  • centralized system (control centre) in which to receive alarms and information provided by TAGs. Can also be synchronized with tablets and smartphones

ITT iot localizzazione controllo malati anziani tag

Taking nursing homes as an example we could have the following advantages:

  • anti-evasion/elusion of supervised guests or patients
  • if the patient crosses the controlled passage, from which it is not allowed to exit (exit gate in the street - restricted or dangerous areas), an alarm signal is immediately sent to the staff who can intervene. (Can be used for Alzheimer's patients or patients with mental problems)
  • identification of the patient in special departments
  • checking the patient's position through the different sensors located in the main areas of the structure track the patient's movements. (example: it is possible to know where the patient is at all times)
  • opening of hands-free doors inside the structure
  • access control extendible even to the staff
  • can be integrated with the access control system of the personnel working inside the structure. The active Tag can be used as a badge and/or tag, providing automatic opening and recording of the entrances made.

Further uses in the domestic environment and healthcare sector:

  • automatic sending of alarms and management of alerts
  • emergency calls via SOS Button
ITT iot localizzazione controllo malati anziani
ITT iot localizzazione controllo malati anziani

Incentives for GUESTS to use the TAG:

  • tag distanza sociale
    PAGER: In case of need, a person can be contacted remotely (e.g. it is possible to call the guest's attention when visiting a family member).

  • tag distanza sociale
    MEMO: It can be used as an alarm clock to remind certain guests to take medication at specific times.
  • tag distanza sociale
    FIT-LOG: "movement means health". It records the activity carried out by the guest, i.e. how much they have walked and at what times.

  • tag distanza sociale
    MIND-PLUS: stimulates daily creative paths, on specific themes, provided through dedicated Totems distributed in the structure.

The TAG is prepared for wireless recharging by simply placing it on a special mat.



NuZoo actively collaborates with the Cooperativa La Meridiana, founded in 1976 as a voluntary association, that now integrates two social cooperatives ("La Meridiana" and "La Meridiana Due"), 95 members, 94 volunteers and 320 employees and professionals, with a full range of services for the elderly.

The ITT system is present in an RSA managed by the Cooperativa: the Costa Bassa Day Centre.

ITT iot localizzazione controllo malati meridiana


It is based in a villa within the Monza Park. Its guests are constantly assisted by professional operators specialized in different fields of intervention and by highly reliable volunteers.

The ITT system allows you to monitor the position of the guests, to ensure their safety and prevent them from reaching dangerous areas.

For the RSA website click here

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