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ITT iot Safety workers in dangerous areasITT is the innovative and technological answer for the creation of systems that increase and improve the accident prevention within operating areas. It means active worker safety inside dangerous areas, such as near moving vehicles (man-machine anti-collision), industrial machinery, tunnels and mines. It is actually an electronic system, an IoT PPE, which has the specific task of improving the level of accident prevention at work.

This allows the introduction of solutions that allow to dynamically manage man-machine anti-collision or access control to all those industrial areas defined as high risk, without replacing the procedures and systems responsible for safety in the workplace, but integrating with the same. 

The ITT system generates a buffer, called "security cloud" or "safety cloud" . It is precisely this area that allows you to increase worker safety in a systematic way. The security perimeter can be extended or reduced according to the uses.


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    ITT uses the logic of "magnetic localization". It operates at very low frequency (125KHz) and allows a unique level of precision and repetitiveness of the detected positions, this also in the presence of ferrous material or obstacles that usually reduce the effectiveness of other competing systems.

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     Once activated, the TAG, if it enters a dangerous area (safety cloud), emits an acoustic and visual signal (luminous LED) which warn the worker of the danger.

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    Thanks to an accelerometer already integrated in the TAG, the system integrates the MAN-DOWN detection. A particularly useful function for the active safety of the worker in isolated or extremely dangerous areas.

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     The TAG is designed for wireless charging , to be carried out by simply placing it on a special mat.




    The ITT solution operates according to these functional logics . When an operator penetrates the security cloud, depending on the use, different situations can occur. In areas defined as dangerous , the system, in addition to guaranteeing worker safety, can recognize personnel authorized in any case for maintenance purposes, thus avoiding access to unauthorized or unsuitable personnel. Should unauthorized personnel attempt, even involuntarily, to access the area or machinery deemed dangerous, the system will alert itself by issuing an audible and / or luminous alarm signal, thus highlighting the dangerous situation.  

    When we think of moving vehicles (man-machine anti-collision), ITT allows you to:

    • alert the operator to driving the vehicle of the presence of operating personnel on the ground, thanks to the recognition or detection guaranteed by the Active Tags .
    • avoid the generation of false alarms due to fixed obstacles known to the operator
    • guarantees immediate intervention in critical situations, to protect the safety of the worker on the ground
    • overcome the problems generated by any blind spots
    • increase the level of safety in cases of distractions or situations related to stress and fatigue of the machine operator.
    iot safety workers workers dangerous areas

    In all its application variants ITT is activated thanks to Tags . This equipment allows the system to detect the presence of personnel within the plant's danger area and avoid all types of possible collisions. Increased workplace safety and / or active worker safety are the primary objective of the system .

    The different machines, such as a forklift, can also be equipped with a touch-screen tablet that provides information relating to the position of the obstacle detected with respect to the vehicle and its direction of travel.

    itt iot company simulation map safety

    The detection of all information relating to individuals who have come into contact with the security cloud (or danger area) may be recorded and reworked to improve the security level of the department or production area in question. From a general or systems point of view, we can in all respects call it a DPI IoT system, an individual protection device that exploits the potential of the Internet of Things to offer safety in the workplace.


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