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Even the world of Art & Fun feels the need to introduce monitoring systems that increase the efficiency of access management, interactions with the attractions present or even with information points within theme parks, museums and tourist attractions.



base bullet itt application

 Activation of a buzzer when the visitor with the TAG enters an area of interest

base bullet itt application

 Indicator light to warn during the visit of the presence of a specific area of interest

base bullet itt application

 Interactive device: The TAG can be used as a "remote controller" to manage interactive attractions, taking advantage of the accelerometer and magnetic localization, with which it is equipped.

base bullet raro robot application

 The TAG is designed for wireless charging, to be carried out by simply placing it on a special mat.


The opportunity to:

  • check, register and manage the individual access
  • recognize every single visitor
  • store the time spent in the different areas
  • track the routes taken by each individual visitor
itt art fun gif interactive

allow to have Reports and statistics on which to develop commercial strategies, for the improvement of the usability of the structure.

itt art fun

In addition to advantages for the property, there are numerous advantages for the visitor:

  • interaction with the different attractions, especially if children
  • opportunity to buy photos or videos as a unique memory of the experience, to be able to buy and share on social media, creating an indirect form of advertising in this!

NuZoo has created a system of modules and radio control units based on proprietary technology that meets all these needs: ITT Art & Fun

The possibility of combining the TAG with a specific person (man, woman, child) through a simple registration and visitor profiling process, characterizes its use. Tags are tracked by radio from a series of Net that guarantee the correct use and operation of the devices.

Guests can expect different uses. By profiling they can choose the types of experience or path they want. Some examples of use:

  • Optimize the time: avoid waiting in long lines at various attractions. Book my ride and warn me when it's my turn
  • Customize: allows the creation of restricted access areas or normally closed to the public
  • Interactive guided tour: allows you to create specific messages for each type of user. Each station communicates a personalized message based on the type of visitor (promo, history, explanation)

itt art fun



itt alpine park fun attractive area

At 1600 meters, on Monte Latemar, visitors to the Parco Alpino Latemar have the chance to face interactive challenges and adventures. Equipped with ITT tags of our realization can enjoy a beautiful interactive adventure immersed in the natural beauty of Trentino.

  • Interactive workstations hidden in the woods
  • The stations are activated as visitors pass (within 5m)
  • Smoke from the rock, Bubbling well, trunks spinning,...
  • Attracting area for fun with: hatching dragon eggs, talking logs, ...


Area of attraction at MUSE Museum of Sciences, built on ITT technology, allows monitoring and counting of visitors without use of turnstiles in defined interactive spaces.

  • Counting people in attractive areas
  • Alarm when the number is exceeded
  • Automatic timed entry
  • Time indicator expired
  • Interactive solution for museums
  • Efficient system for pro-active visitor detection in dedicated areas
itt museum interactive area attractive art fun

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