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Our staff is composed of experienced and qualified personnel. For years we have been working and operating in support of companies and projects very different from each other and. Thanks to our capacity and capability, in every situation we support the most appropriate logic of operational development. Our experience has taught us to respect the following phases always, in order to guarantee the best possible result, both technical and economic, for the benefit of our Customers


Is the required phase for the definition of the technical-functional details. It’s needed to develop the basic concept of the electronic-mechanical areas, to identify the main units concerned and to select the units to use. The target is to reach the exact estimate, after the check of the main problems. Starting from the first implementation to the trial test, so to identify the possible costs of the prototype and/or the product designed. During this phase the certifications are also identified and, if requested, we supply the information about the patent procedure.


second step two prototypePreliminary prototype

That’s the start of the real engineering, planning and realization phase. Always keeping in mind the final goal established during the analysis phase, the electronic and mechanical units are planned and realized together with the respective firmware, giving the birth to the first prototype. In this phase we can find out the validity of the analysis earlier realized. The functionalities projected during the analysis will be verified, besides identify all the points of strengths and the weaknesses emerged. We realize the first version of the software that will be necessary to manage the product, today more and more identifiable in dedicated APPS. In this phase we start with the certification activities and, if expected, the Patent path.

third step three prototypeFinal Prototype

The optimization of the preliminary prototype is the intermediate phase during the realization of the final product. It is a stage that, during the realization process, allows us to obtain and verify as follows: consolidation of the first prototype, hardness, design and aesthetical particulars. At the same time we begin to pay attention for those that could be the final costs of the units. At the end of this activity the prototype is basically the same that will be the final product about form, size and functionalities. The software of and/or APPS development will have reached an almost definitive version too.


fourth step four pre setPre-Set

First and real step towards the start of a standard production, it is an essential way to verify that the final product really satisfies the needs underlined by the Client, in particular from the industrial point of view. Verify the match with the technical-functional characteristics, the compliance with the standards projected during the analysis phase and the application of all the improvement seen during the development of the product. This phase requires a series of tests/trials and, depending from the obtained results, we defined any changes or improvements if necessary. In this way we’ll obtain the best product both in the qualitative and economic aspect. In this phase we complete the Certification and Patent process also. The investment performed is finally turned into a product.


Patents guarantee the Intellectual Property of the product and reinforce its value. The experience gained allow us to support our Clients during this phase too. Besides offering the best technical and functional solutions, we are able to suggest the most appropriate path to reach the Patent filing in the shortest time possible.

CE Certificazions

According to the kind of the final product to realize, we are able to assist our Clients during the certification and homologation phase. It's a very important step for the product delivery and, ensuring the best possible service, we make use of the collaboration of several certification companies.

Packaging and Handbook

It's the final step to realize or completion product, useful for the enhancement of the product. NuZoo in addition to the documentation of the product, is able to help its Clients during the realization of the packaging also. About this scope we want to underline our collaboration with “Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Brera”.

Some engineering works, from our portfolio

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