This Portfolio not only collects the experiences gained by Nuzoo Robotics but also collects those that the same NuZoo Robotics Team has learned in the various corporate and work experiences that preceded. These include other experiences that, for reasons of confidentiality, can not be published. In fact, while being an active company since 2011, we have a work experience of over 10 years, totally spending on research and development of innovative products or prototypes.

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Localization and prevention system for attacks by large wild animals


Interactive Tracking Tag - Security, fun, interaction

Interactive museum

Based on ITT technology, monitors and counts visitors for single attraction without use of turnstiles


Robot prototype for telepresence and remote assistance


Mobile robot platform, open and specially designed for the development of third-party applications


Mobile robot for surveillance


Customizable two-wheel balancing platform, ideal for advertising and communication

Robot Hand

Manipulator with 9 degrees of freedom for research purposes


Robotic head mannequins, shops or showcases


Panels for the distribution of water spray for advertising purposes

Lego Kit IoT

This structure is a representation of an "IoT production plant" remotely controlled

Robotic Eagle

54 moving parts simulating the harmonious flight of a robotic eagle...

Essence sprayer

Sprayer of automated essence that is activated by detecting the presence of a hand

Co2 Open Spime

Wireless control units equipped with sensors with data-log


Prototype of self-balancing platform for people transport


Miniaturized and programmable embedded card


Board for teaching and laboratory use for robotic applications


Prototype of an educational robotic manipulator


USB toy device to interact with the web and social networks


Prototype device for remote mechanical activation

Robot in KIT

Educational kits for the construction of simple robots

  • Localization and Tracking
  • Service robotics
  • Professional and industrial projects
  • no-categorized
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