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Eggy is able to attend an exhibition stand, as well as the entrance to a shop, museum or public office. In the specific case, the stand of a scientific event had the task of illustrating in an "automated way” the products of a pharmaceutical brand. The form and interaction were studied in detail, equipping the robot with a successful "robotic appeal".
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The ability to interact with the human being

Eggy has proven to be a valid mobile fairground robot, capable of excellent interaction with the human being. It has shown the strong ability to attract attention, through animations created with the movement of its components (arms, head and body).

eggy robot entertainment events

How it communicates with the audience

Interaction with the audience was made possible thanks to two components: the robot's ability to speak and a touch screen. The user who was more open to human-machine interaction was able to talk while those who were more reluctant to change were able to take advantage of the touch-screen. The robot was prepared for a verbal and written response.

Communicating the right thing at the right time

When the robot detects one or more people within its visual space, at that moment the robot starts the interaction. The dialogue with the audience was clearly marked by a series of specific questions. Phrases that Eggy was able to recognise, so that he was able to follow a logical path, made up of questions and answers, which fell within the sphere of interest of the pharmaceutical company in question. Within this logical path, the robot was able to communicate clearly the desired message.

eggy robot entertainment events

Interaction is also movement

Communication and movement went hand in hand. Eggy is able not only to communicate but also to move safely among people. The intelligence it’s equipped with, allows it to detect the number of people in the vicinity and moving around safely through the use of a laser scanner. In case of specific needs, Eggy can be comfortably controlled manually through a Joypad or a mouse, connecting to its Web interface, accessible via Wifi.

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An elegant movement

The omnidirectional wheels, which allow it to move in all four directions, thanks to the sliding effect they create, have given it a futuristic and elegant touch.

A tireless colleague

Its charging autonomy allows it to run 4 hours continuously, and it’s equipped with its own portable charging station.

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Customization of Eggy for attractive and marketing purposes able to attend the exhibition stand in order to illustrate the products in an "automated" way.

Technical details

  • Height: 95 cm
  • Weight: 35 Kg
  • Omnidirectional wheels
  • TOUCH Display
  • 3 head motors
  • 2 arm motors

The robot was totally made by us. The internal components allow us to realize any kind of robot, therefore, once we understand the customer's needs, we can customize the “Eggy experience” with totally different shapes and performances. For more details, click here.

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