GEKO Robot
Piattaforma Robotica Mobile

Geko is a mobile robotic platform, developed by Nuzoo robotics. Totally open and expressly thought for the development of application of third parts. Thanks to a great versatility, both hardware and software, it can be used in different situations. Perfect for research field, Geko ensures a large expandability thanks to the use of components open-source.



base bullet geko robot application

 Easy installation

Quick and easy installation thanks to the innovative use of interactive visual markers and sound indications of the robot

base bullet geko robot application

 ROS Based

System based on the ROS operating system to allow maximum expandability according to the standard

base bullet geko robot application

 Anti overturning

Equipped with patented stabilizing and self-balancing system

base bullet geko robot application

 Energy saving

The dedicated power supply system analyzes and manages consumption up to 5 independent channels. Autonomy of over 8 hours and recharge in less than 2 hours.




geko robot connectivity Geko does not require dedicated control software. Thanks to the use of WEB technologies, all you have to do is install any BROWSER.
geko robot general characteristics Maximum speed: 1.0 m/s Autonomy: 4h/2Km Traction: 4 wheel drive Maximum slope that can be overcome: 20 ° Maximum engine power: 110W (55W x 2 engines) Operating temperature:
geko robot mechanical Frame material : Steel, Plastic
Weight : 10 Kg
Payload : 5 Kg
Obstacle height from the floor : 4 cm
Dimensions (mm) : 460x540x210

geko robot electronics Operating voltage: 24V Battery type: LIFePO4 10Ah Battery recharge: Docking station or Manual connector Controller card: Barebone Intel I5 64bit Interface: Low-level interface Novalabs
geko robot sensors Visual: Webcam angle 110 ° pan-tilt, Inertial: IMU 9 Axes, Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, Environmental : Indoor laser scanner, motor odometry, Proprioceptive: Internal consumption measurement, Acoustics: Internal microphone with monophonic speaker
geko robot software OS: GNU / Linux Ubuntu server lts 14.04 64bit Control software: ROS , customizable in C ++ or Python Robot controllable via Web API. UI: completely Web based (Javascript and PHP)

geko robot automatic recharge The robot recharges the battery in complete autonomy, using its own docking station.
geko robot wifi connectivity Multiple connection frequencies, Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz, 3G/4G, guarantee an optimal connection in every situation.
geko robot navigation mode Manual , with Joystick, mouse or touch screen; Smart Drive : for an assisted navigation, thanks to the Google Street View style controls; Autonomous : Geko is able to move independently following a pre-established path.



manual mode geko
Through Geko's Web Control Interface the remote operator has full control over the movements of the robot; navigation assistance systems are disabled. This mode is useful for controlling RaRo in case of restricted spaces or with many obstacles. In this mode you can also control the robot through a Joypad.

Smart Drive

mode smart drive geko
Using the laser scanner, Geko is able to assist the remote operator during navigation: avoiding obstacles, following corridors or perimeter walls, facilitating entry through the gates and blocking in the event of sudden obstacles. This is the most used mode by making RaRo remote control particularly simple, thanks to the Google Street View style interface.


mode navigation autonomous geko
Geko is able to move independently by following a predetermined path (security patrol). There is no need for remote operator intervention, you can control the status of the robot as well as stream through your systems through the management API.


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