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Ra.Ro. robot is suited for the execution of many activities, from the surveillance to the control of environments, and security in general. It controls constantly the environment around itself, and thanks to its technological equipment, it collects possible anomalies or intrusions signalizing them quickly to the control station. Specific functionalities and a variety of alarms developed for the security and vigilance’s world make RA.RO. an innovative and reliable tool in the monitoring of all the areas at risk.

Totally realized by Nuzoo Robotics, it is able to follow defined paths completely autonomously (4 hours of autonomy with at full power) or to be easily controlled by a remote operator. The combination of the expressed potentialities make it a valid “mobile robotic operator”.



base bullet raro robot application

 Warehouse surveillance

the patrolling of warehouse, or storage areas, as support to the traditional guard service.

base bullet raro robot application

 Surveillance of exhibition halls

To prevent the leak of information by the security personal. (ex. registration)

base bullet raro robot application

 Control of the production processes

It watches the productive process reporting undesired environmental variations quickly (ex. Gas/Methane).

base bullet raro robot application

 Measurement of leaks

Thanks to technologies of gas/methane level mensuration and the termography it is able to note variations of gas concentrations.



raro robot connectivity It does not require dedicated control software. Thanks to the use of WEB technologies, all you have to do is install any BROWSER.
raro robot audio The robot communicates events and alarms acoustically. Equipped with a vocal synthesizer, it can "speak" in 5 different languages.
raro robot surveillance Raro is equipped with a high-definition camera which, when stopped, detects movements and sends alarms in real time.
raro robot autonomous patrol It occurs through the use of visual markers (cm 15x15) and / or a colored line (line follower).

raro robot automatic recharge The robot recharges the battery in complete autonomy, using its own docking station.
raro robot sensors It is possible to equip the robot with additional sensors, such as smoke detectors, gas detectors, additional cameras etc.
raro robot indoor outdoor Raro has an IP54 protection and can operate in adverse weather conditions, be these thermal excursions or rain.
raro robot dashboard Each user, with his access credentials, can check the status and information of his "robot park" via the web, through data and telemetric graphs.

raro robot wifi connection Multiple connection frequencies, Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 GHz, 3G / 4G, guarantee an optimal connection in every situation.
raro robot low consumption The latest generation batteries guarantee a range of 5 hours at full capacity and, at the minimum of the services offered, up to 6 months. Complete charging takes less than 2 hours.
raro robot integration stability The robot natively integrates the main industrial BUSs on the market and offers total expandability, being the entire proprietary design of NuZoo Robotics.
raro robot thermal camera It is possible to install thermal cameras for night vision and / or to promptly detect the presence of people or animals.



raro manual mode
Through RaRo's Web Control Interface the remote operator has full control over the movements of the robot; navigation assistance systems are disabled. This mode is useful for controlling RaRo in case of restricted spaces or with many obstacles. In this mode you can also control the robot through a Joypad.

Smart Drive

mode smart drive
Using the laser scanner, RaRo is able to assist the remote operator during navigation: avoiding obstacles, following corridors or perimeter walls, facilitating entry through the gates and blocking in the event of sudden obstacles. This is the most used mode by making RaRo remote control particularly simple, thanks to the Google Street View style interface.


autonomous mode
RaRo is able to move independently by following a predetermined path (security patrol). There is no need for remote operator intervention, you can control the status of the robot as well as stream through your systems through the management API.

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Download use and Manteinance Manual raro

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