Service robotics

Since NuZoo Robotics was founded, the primary goal is only one: to create innovative solutions in the field of service robotics. Starting from humanoid robotics, the most complex area, we have created the first totally Italian telepresence robot, a robot for video surveillance, two solutions for marketing and communication, in addition to a development platform, open to any kind of customization.
Service robotics aims to create technological solutions aimed at supporting man's activities during the performance of his daily task or work. The robot must be able to make complex operations simple, such as the ability to move independently. It must be very simple to use, facilitating interaction with the user.
The interdisciplinary experience gained is a lot and, in the field of service robotics, we are sure we can satisfy every type of request.

Our robots


RaRo is a robot suitable for carrying out a wide range of activities, from surveillance to controlling environments to controlling production processes.

raro robot service robotics


Geko is a totally open mobile robotic platform, designed for the development of third-party applications, which can be used in various areas.

geko robot mobile platform development


It is a robot designed to relate to the public. It has the strong ability to attract attention, it carries out dissemination activities as well as welcoming visitors.

eggy robot events entertainment


Autonomous navigation

Our latest research and development frontier focuses on all the complexities related to the autonomous navigation of mobile robotic platforms in semi-structured environments.

Our robots are able to move autonomously following a pre-established path (safety patrol). This mode does not require the intervention of a remote operator. However it's possible to check the status of the robot, as well as see video streams recorded by the same, integrating with existing systems through the available APIs.
autonomous navigation 1.0 robot

The part relating to navigation 2.0 is under development. In this mode, the robot maps the surrounding environment independently. Locally, therefore, the robot has all the information to navigate without using markers or other localization methods.
autonomous navigation 2.0 robot

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