SwingGo is the first robot able to interact with the environment, it represents a new and innovative approach to the advertisement and promotional messages. It is an original idea for all the commercial business that need to communicate with potential customer within public areas.
It is build to be customized in many ways..
Give a new space to the creativity, representing the message you want to transmit, while it interacts and attracts the interest of the people thanks to a large range of movements, sounds and lights that it is able to execute.
It fits perfectly to the launch of new products, to notify about new promotions or as entertainment in all types of events, outdoor too.



robot interactive swinggo

It recognizes people and attracts them with games of lights and sounds.


robot autonomous swinggo

It avoids obstacles and it moves autonomously in wide and narrow spaces.


robot self balancing swinggo

Thanks to internal sensors it remains always in perfect balance.


robot customizable swinggo

"Dress it" for your promotional or of entertainment needs


Born to interact

swinggo-robotSwinggo is a robot designed expressly to attract. It is able to recognize people and communicate with them through moves, audio recording, and combination of LED lights. It is a completely self-balanced system, thanks to its internal sensors Swinggo remains always in perfect balance and it is able to avoid obstacles in complete safety.

Its work is based on different events. At every event is associated a configurable attitude. For example, you can define that when a person approaches it, Swinggo starts to swing or to emit audio message by the speakers. It can execute programs of circular or triangular movements, it can also moves to create an eight. It can continue until the first obstacle and then changing direction independently. It is possible to drive it through a smartphone or a PC also.

Swinggo implements a series of defaults events changing the program quickly and independently. You can create new events or modify the once that already exist for your needs.



Specific behaviors

360 icon swinggo
360 degrees rotation

eight icon swinggo
Movements that create an eight

rotate icon swinggo
Circular moves

left right icon swinggo
Rapid movements on right and left side

recycle icon swinggo
Triangular moves

directions icon swinggo



A robot that speaks

communication-robotMoreover the movements it adds music and words. Thanks to the integrated speakers it can reproduce a series of MP3 files, everyone associable to a specific events. Besides the default sounds there are 100 spaces for your customized messages.

Some default's sounds:

  • Discharged battery
  • Almost discharged battery
  • Initialization error
  • Alarm
  • Accompaniment
  • Obstacle detected


Games of colour

Swinggo has a LED illumination system whereby creates combinations and games of lights, they are customizable and associable with different events too.

Some integrated LED effects:

  • Easy crossfade: fade among the available colors.
  • Flashing color: fade between a defined color and black.
  • Slow flashing color: slow fade between a color at the choice and black.


2wheels swinggo
4wheels swinggo
Carrying Capacity: 6 Kg 8 Kg
Battery sutonomy:

10 hours

40 hours
Time of charging:
8 hours
60x45x42 cm
13 kg


2wheels weights swinggo
4wheels weights swinggo





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